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In the nature park Upper Palatinate Forest, the largest forest mountains in Europe, there is much to see. We invite you to discover the land of thousand lakes. You will find many informations in our farmhouse. Just ask us and we are pleased to give you more details.

An old railway next to our house is now a very nice trail. Ideal for hiking, walking and cycling or in winter for cross-country skiing. The border to the Czech Republic it is 5 km away. Pilsen, Prague, Marienbad, Lazne to name just a few places that are easily accessible for a day trip. In the north we border the stone forest or in the Fichtelgebirge, in the south of the Bavarian Forest. Connect an autumn holiday in Bavaria to take the opportunitie for hiking, biking, fishing and explore the nature.

Here is a brief summary of some points of interests:


Urlaub in Bayern - Wintersport-Silberhuette
Cross-country skiing center Silberhuette
Skiing and hiking in the hills close to the the Bavarian-Czech border

historical park baernau-tachov

Urlaub in Bayern - Geschichtspark
Historical Park Baenau-Tachov
The Historical Park Baernau-Tachov is a special archaeological open-air museum which shows the visitor an authentic image of the Middle Ages

Land of thousand lakes

Urlaub in Bayern - Tirschenreuther-Teichpfanne
Land der tausend Seen
The landscape around Tirschenreuth is one of the most beautiful and ecologically important pond landscapes in Europe

The Waldnaab Valley

Urlaub in Bayern - Einzigartiges Naturschutzgebiet das Waldnaabtal
The unique Waldnaab Valley
Hike with Geopark rangers through a mythical landscape and discover the rich flora.

GEO-center at the KTB

GEO-Zentrum an der KTB
GEO-Zentrum an der KTB
Geoscientists drilled in Windischeschenbach 9,101 m deep in the Earth's crust - the deepest hole in the world in hard crystalline bedrock

holiday in bavaria

Urlaub in Bayern - Bärnau entdecken
discover baernau
Baernau in the Upper Palatine Forest - discover it


Urlaub in Bayern - Sternenhimmel-Himmelskörper
Gerhard-Franz Volkssternwarte
Discover the sky with one of the largest public telescopes in Bavaria

Toboggan run

Urlaub in Bayern - Sommerrodelbahn Großbüchlberg
Toboggan Großbuechlberg
Skiing near Altglashuette, Großbuechlberg and Pfaben

Upper Palatinate Tower

Urlaub in Bayern - Vom Oberpfalzturm hervorragende Fernsicht über den Oberpfälzer Wald genießen.
Upper Palatinate Tower(35m )
On the Tower (35m high) you will have an excellent view over the Upper Palatinate Forest, the Fichtel Mountains and parts of the Bohemia Forest

Falconry Katharinenberg

Urlaub in Bayern - Falknerei-Katharinenberg
Falconry Katharinenberg
The public park in Wunsiedel is waiting for your visit

The button in Baernau

Urlaub in Bayern - Deutsches-Knopfmuseum - Im Naturpark Oberpfälzer Wald
German Buttonmuseum
Buttons made from different materials. Machinery and equipment from former Button-Factories in Baernau

Canoe rental

Urlaub in Bayern - Umweltstation Waldsassen, Wasser-Fluss-See
Explore the rivers
Canoe and boat rentals to explore the river Waldnaab in Stiftland and Eger in Chech Republic

Luisenburg Festival

Urlaub in Bayern - Luisenburg Festspiele
Luisenburg Festspiele seit 1914
100 Years of Artists Festival for everybody e.g. the little Viking, classics, musicals, bavarian, opera and operette

National Geotop

Urlaub in Bayern - Felsenlabyrinth-Luisenburg
Felsenlabyrinth Luisenburg
Europes biggest Rock Labyrinth und National Geotop

Monestery Waldsassen

Urlaub in Bayern - Kloster Waldsassen Bibliothek
Cistercian Abbey
The world-famous Abbey Library in Waldsassen is one of the most popular destinations in the Upper Palatinate

Museum Tirschenreuth

Urlaub in Bayern - Oberpfälzer Museum
Museum in Tirschenreuth
The city's history with its porcelain industry, the founder of the Bavarian Linguistics Johann Andreas Schmeller and the Aquarium "house by the pond"

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