climbing / bouldering

Climbers can try our bouldering wall in the patio. If you feel a little insecure, we will gladly provide assistance with suitable equipment.

With bouldering you can practic and strengthen the muscles and find mew ways to get up. Coordination and intellect is needed here. The best is the fun and pleasure from testing yourself and challenge.

Indoor Climbing

On the Climbing wall in the high school in Tirschenreuth they offer tours in difficulty 3-8(6 m wide and 8 m high). Climbing courses and lots of information you can find on the DAV-Carlsbad page. The climbing wall in the Stone Forest Hall peace rock is 7 m high, 10 m wide and has a large roof, 8 quickdraw with many climbing routes, Difficulty level 3-9.

Outdoor Climbing

The Natural Park Stone Forest offers a wide range of granite rocks for climbing. Several rocks are released for climbing. For inexperienced climbers it is possible under the guidance and supervision to climb. More info at Nature Park Stone Forest.

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