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Beautiful landscape as far as the eye can see. Walking holidays in Bavaria, in the largest contiguous forest mountains of Central Europe and Germany. Forests where you can walk through almost alone. There are ponds along the way you don`t expect. Towns and villages whose story continues wrote from the Middle Ages. Over the border to the Czech Republic there are many interesting things to see. A piece of Bavaria in the Upper Palatinate Forest what is going to find a place in your heart.

Many trails have now been signpostet. Crossing borders, leading to old castles or along the Waldnaab valley with its wonderful scenery. Interesting rock formations, very entertaining for everybody. We will help you with informaitons all around hiking.

Hiking routes from Birkholmhof
Below our farm are the "Vizinal" railway trail and the "Baernauer way". These paths are ideal to take a walk in the neighboring villages, but away from busy roads. They lead also to longer distanc trails. The "Vizinal" railway trail is also used by hikers and cyclists, making it a nice way to Baernau, across the border to Tchechien, Tirschenreuth, Wiesau and the Waldnaab Valley.

In Bärnau are several circular walks between 5 and 15 km. As the high moor to the frontier tower, an exciting hiking tour with loose stones in the city forest, a historical walk through the old town or walk in the footsteps of Jan Hus. The Historical Park with its authentic constructed buildings is very interesting. The Audio guide explaines you all and leads you through the park.

Very popular and relaxing is a circular walk around the Liebensteiner reservoir. The millway goes along here. This lake with its up to 80 ha is 4 km away from us. Interesting not only for children is the ruins of Liebenstein. This castle is located 4 miles from us and was restored in recent years lovingly by the inhabitants of the village.

In Tirschenreuth and surroundings there are beautiful walks such as the "big devil Kitchen" leading through the forest, near water and over to wild rocky landscape and loose stones. A hiking guide with 10 circular walks can be found here.

The natural treasures "Doost", the geological sites such as basalt stone in park or the castle Falkenberg. From the shelter Silberhuette there are some hikes leading to the Czech Republic e.g. to the Goldbach hut, which is partially farmed or newly restored watching tower near the big Raven Mountain. We also enjoy hikeing and explore the area, we can give you a lot of first-hand information. We arrange also guided walks with the shepherd or the Geopark rangers.

Goldsteig and Nurtschway trail
Some highlights of the Goldsteig trail you find in our area as further north the Stone Forest with its climbing rocks, the romantic Waldnaab valley with the castle Falkenberg with its "Zoigl" a specially brewed beer where you can find only in our region and the continental deep drilling in the Geo Centre near Windischeschenbach.

The Nurtschway has now been certified as "Quality Walking trail in Germany". It leads from the town Waldsassen to Baernau over to Waldmuenchen and is 133 km long. This path is also feeder path for Comb variant of Goldsteig.
A very scenic hike is from the Silberhuette to the Waldnaab valley.

Our Birkholmhof fulfilled all criterias of the speciallised quality host

• The quality initiative of the German Hiking Association
Wanderbares Deutschland, Wandern in Bayern

Information are available in the guest house. The Geopark rangers will guide you through the geological center of Europe.

Some long-distance trails
• Upper Palatinate way
• Nurtschway
• The Golden Road
• European long distance path E6
• Main-Mies way
• Naab-Fils way
• Kepler path

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