We are located in the Natural Park Upper Palatinate Forest close to the Czech Republic, in the largest forest mountains of Europe and in the land of a thousand ponds and lakes.

The river Waldnaab flows through gentle landscapes of unspoiled nature. Where two kontinents collide, there are many geological features. Thermal baths on both sides of the border, ancient castles and baroque churches bear witness to a turbulent history.

With us you can experience much. A nice evening at the fireplace near the cottage watching the stars ist going ot relax you easely. The nature will be perfect to your body, mind and soul. An almost energy-subsistence farm: We heat with firewood from our own forest, the solar system brings the warm water on sunny days and the drinking water comes from a source int the forest. Our photovoltaic system feeds the power and the waste water is purified through several purification steps.

• Directly from the farm there are some ways • Waldnaab Valley • Nurtsch trail and Goldsteig trail • Hiking maps are available for purchase • You can find a lot of information in the cottage and we are happy to help you

Cycling and Mountainbiking
• "Vizinal" railway trail next to our farm
• cycling maps are in the guesthouse
• from May until October weekend busses with bike transport will bring you close to our farmhouse
• we are happy to help you with the planning

• 3900 ponds and lakes are in our area so there are many opportunities
• you find a fishing shop in the next village

Be sportive with
• Many possibilities on our farm with trampoline, Gokarts, play ground
• Soccer, bikes to rent, table socker, table tennis, basketball...
• Climbing is becoming increasingly popular, especially the many rock formations around us offer many opportunities
• Canoeing is an experience for the whole family
• A very good cross-country center is not far from us
• Skating on our pond

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